Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Gross says if elected, he’ll dramatically reduce the size of state government with a massive reorganization of agencies. Gross says Dave Vaudt, a C-P-A who’s the Republican candidate for State Auditor, will be involved. Gross says he’ll develop a new organizational plan for state government. Gross was Governor Terry Branstad’s chief of staff in 1986, the last time there was a massive reorganization of state government. Gross says he’ll release the details of his new reorganization plan after the election. Gross says the state workforce is being reduced now under Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack’s watch and he would continue the trend. Gross says the reductions are necessary because of what he says is the state’s “structural deficit.” Gross says Vilsack has “driven the state’s budget into a ditch, and now is trying to hitchhike his way to the next lection.” Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack says the state has almost 900-MILLION dollars in reserve accounts and is not running a deficit. Vilsack says Iowansshould be wary of Gross’s “secret plan” to reorganize state government. Vilsack says Gross is keeping the plan secret because it probably hurts Iowans.