An escapee from the jail in West Union was back behind bars before the close of the business day. Fayette County sheriff Marty Fisher says 20-year-old Daniel McIntyre was being booked after he was picked up on a parole violation, about 10:30 yesterday (Wednesday) morning. The original charge was theft and burglary, and he was brought into the Fayette County jail they took off hand and leg-irons to book him, and that’s when he ran off. West Union police, Fayette County sheriff’s office and law enforcement from the surrounding community came and started a search in the town. After several hours they found him eight miles away northeast of the town of Clermont. Sheriff Fisher says helpful drivers may have given rides to the fugitive, not knowing he was on the lam, but they would not face charges. McIntyre, on the other hand, will have escape from custody, a class “D” felony, added to the burglary and theft charges he’s facing already. Sheriff Fisher says it’s not the first time security’s been a problem at the Fayette County jail. He says they’re building a new jail that should be open within a month, outside the city limits.