School across Iowa let out classes early today. Malvern school superintendent Steve Lane says highs were forecast to reach near 90 degrees.He says highs approaching the mid-90s get their attention, and planners pay attention to overnight temps as well. Though some who attended years ago don’t know why kids today can’t just endure the heat like they did, Lane says today’s kids are acclimated to air-conditioned buildings.He confesses we’ve become a “pretty soft society,” with air conditioned cars and some folks who keep the house like an icebox, and points out that to send kids and teachers back to the heat when school begins will place them out of their “comfort zone.” Superintendent Lane says officials considered air-conditioning the school buildings, but that would be expensive to install, and the expense would continue after the initial cost.He says people trying to cool their own homes can attest that your electric bill jumps dramatically. Lane says in considering whether to let out school early, administrators look at the forecast to see if it’s cooling down at night. This is expected to be one of the last early-release days, as temps will cool down around Iowa during the week.