College students across Iowa need to put one more item to study on their agendas, their family’s heart health. Many young people think little about their own mortality, but a new effort by the American Heart Association hopes to change that. Jennifer Crome, at the Davenport chapter, says medical experts believe heart screenings need to start at age 20. Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer of Americans, claiming 958-thousand lives in 1999. About four-percent of those between the ages of 20 and 25 have some form of cardiovascular disease. Crome says many heart problems are genetic, so it’s a hint if a relative’s had a heart attack. More than 61-million Americans have one or more types of cardiovascular disease according to current estimates. Crome says steps taken early can prevent problems, things like eating healthy, exercising and avoiding tobacco. For more information, surf to “” or call 800-AHA-USA1………………………………………………………………….Some Iowans who were emotionally hurting over the nine-eleven attacks built a replica of the New York City skyline — all in black, with the World Trade Center’s twin towers in gold. The work of art will be assembled tonight in an Ames shopping mall. Angie Peterson says it’ll send shoppers a message that someone really cares.Peterson runs Market Street Gallery and Framing in the Webster County town of Gowrie, southwest of Fort Dodge. The skyline is to scale and is complete with bridges and the Statue of Liberty. The twin towers are the tallest objects at a little over four feet in height. The work itself is four-feet by sixteen-feet.Peterson says she and co-workers and friends hand-cut and hand-painted some 13-hundred pieces of glass for the golden windows. The exhibit was first done for the Gowrie Fourth of July parade and she was glad North Grand Mall agreed to display it in center court, starting on September 11th. She says having a lot of people see the piece makes all the work and hours put into it worthwhile.Peterson says it was “therapeutic. Working on it helped us through the anger and grief we felt for the thousands of victims. We hope it helps others.” The display will be at the mall through September 26th.***************************************************************************Wright County authorities have released the names of the three people hurt in yesterday’s explosion at the Woolstock Farmer’s Co-op elevator.The injured are: Ron Schaumburg and Kevin Lawrence, both of Woolstock, and Gene Anderson of Fort Dodge. Schaumburg is at University Hospitals in Iowa City, as is Anderson. Both are in critical condition. Lawrence was treated and released. It’s thought grain dust sparked the blast.Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City