An elderly man from the central Iowa town of Collins claimed the top prize in Iowa’s 100-thousand-dollar Cash Game on Wednesday. 87-year-old John Crabb has now won the jackpot for the second time — the first was in 1992. Iowa Lottery spokeswoman Mary Neubauer says it’s extremely rare to have a two-time grand prize winner.Crabb says he’ll probably trade cars with his after-taxes check for 68-thousand dollars. Neubauer says there is -no- rule to prohibit someone from multiple big wins. She says that’s a question that’s often asked, and she says you can win a jackpot as many times as you can beat the odds.Neubauer says the odds of winning the grand prize in the 100-thousand-dollar Cash Game are 324-thousand-to-one.Crabb says he buys lottery tickets two or three times a week.