The same day the State Board of Regents staff proposed another double-digit tuition increase — Iowa State University released figures showing its third straight record fall enrollment. Marc Harding is the Admissions Director at ISU.He says the fall enrollment is 27-thousand-898, or an increase of 75 students over last year. He doesn’t think the cost of tuition impacted in-state students.He says he believes I-S-U remains a decent value for Iowans, as does the other two state-funded schools. Harding says he is worried about the impact on students from outside of Iowa.Harding says out of state enrollment was down, and last year’s tuition increase is probably the reason. He expects another drop if tuition goes up again as proposed. Harding says I-S-U worked to retain students who started last year, and had a smaller freshman class this fall, to try keep the enrollment steady.He says enrollment had increased by 33-hundred students since 1998, so I-S-U’s president set a goal of holding enrollment steady to no overtax their budget. The admissions director for the University of Iowa says his final figures won’t be ready until Monday, but he does expect an increase. Fall enrollment figures from U-N-I are also not available.