The two major party candidates in Iowa’s Second Congressional district say President Bush hasn’t made a compelling case yet for an attack on Iraq. Republican Congressman Jim Leach of Iowa City says it’s a profound judgment call for the President and the Congress.Leach says Bush gave a “very strong speech” at the United Nations on Thursday, but Leach says “there’s a difference between a strong speech and a compelling case for war.” Leach says Bush has developed a case for regime change, but hasn’t developed a case for going to war against the people of Iraq. Leach describes himself as a “skeptic” of going to war against Iraq, and he says Congress must soon debate and vote on the matter. Leach is worried about the prospect of the U-S acting alone.Leach says going-it-alone is always “dubious” — especially in this case when the government of Iraq hasn’t directly attacked the U-S.Leach’s opponent, Democrat Julie Thomas — a doctor from Cedar Rapids, says she’s worried the U-S could become enmeshed in another Vietnam-style conflict.Thomas says at this point, President Bush hasn’t publicly made a sufficient case for an attack against Iraq.Thomas says there must be evidence of “imminent danger” in order to justify military action. She, like Leach, is worried about the U-S attacking without the support of other countries.Thomas says the U-S has not done well when it has “gone it alone” or hasn’t tried everything else first. Thomas says the U-S could probably conduct a war against Iraq alone, but she says Iraq’s recovery after such a war would need the involvement of other nations. Leach says she strongly thinks the U-S needs to go into any war with allies. Thomas and Leach made their comments during taping of Iowa Press, which airs tonight on Iowa Public Television.