Republican Congressman Greg Ganske of Des Moines says President Bush is making a compelling case for action against Iraq. In mid-August, Ganske said he wasn’t ready to say he’d vote to declare war on Iraq.Ganske says the President has convinced him the Iraq situation presents a danger to our national security.Ganske says we clearly want an international coalition insist that Iraq allow weapons inspectors back into the country.Ganske says the majority of Iowans he’s heard from are “pretty darned concerned” that Iraq is developing a nuclear device. Ganske, who is challenging Democrat Senator Tom Harkin in November, says Harkin should vote to give President Bush the “leeway” to assign workers new tasks in the new Homeland Security Agency. Harkin and other Democrat Senators are resisting Bush’s request that the agency’s workers be exempt from civil service rules.Ganske says civil service rules slow things down, and hamper the President’s ability to respond to new situations. For example, Ganske says customs workers were reassigned to airport security tasks right after September 11th. Ganske says Harkin voted to give President Clinton the same kind of flexibility when changes were made in the F-A-A, but now is unwilling to give President Bush the same authority.