Two people died in seperate accidents in Dubuque County yesterday.22-year-old George Waller was working with his brother on the family farm south of Dubuque near Key West. Waller was unhooking a silage wagon when the wagon started to roll. Waller tried to stop the wagon, but was dragged down a hill, and suffered fatal head injuries. A pedestrian died in the other accident that was a hit-and-run on a road near Bernard. 43-year-old Grace Gassman of Bernard was hit by a pickup as she was walking with two other people on the shoulder of the road. Gassman was pronounced dead at a Dubuque hospital. A person walking with Gassman was treated for minor injuries. Dubuque County deputies later located the pickup and arrested 40-year-old Scott Ward of Cascade. Ward is charged with failure to stop after being involved in an accident resulting in a death.