The fate of a Waterloo woman being held in an Indonesian prison is still up in the air. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin said he’s gotten conflicting information on the release of 56-year-old Joy Lee Sadler. She’s a volunteer nurse who Indonesian officials alleged was carrying documents associated with a rebel government.Harkin says he received a report from the Indonesian Embassy in Washington that told him Sadler would be deported right away. He says the Indonesian Justice Ministry announced Sadler was being transported to the airport to leave the country. Harkin, a democrat, says he got different information when he asked for confirmation of her release today.Harkin says this morning the U-S State Department told him they got a cable that local officials planned to charge Sadler. Harkin says Sadler is in no danger, and has been visited by U-S officials. Harkin says he’ll try to find out why he’s getting different reports.Harkin says, as of this morning, the U-S Embassy was working to clear up the miscommunications and misunderstandings to secure Sadler’s release. Indonesia is 13 hours ahead of the U-S, leading to some time lag in the information Harkin receives. Sadler, another woman and an interpreter were arrested September 11th, and were reportedly beaten and tortured for alleged immigration violations.