Des Moines is going to the dogs this week. Actually, the dogs are going to Des Moines. The Heartland Greyhound Adoption club is holding its first-ever national convention for greyhound owners and their canines. Barbara Gilbert, of Ankeny, is vice president of the group.Attendees are coming from California, Canada and the East Coast, as well as from all across the Midwest. Gilbert says the three-day convention will include much socializing, entertainment and education.Gilbert says greyhounds are the oldest-known dog in history as they’re mentioned in the book of Proverbs in the Bible. She says the animals have a long legacy of being the pets of royalty. She says many people who adopt a greyhound have to deal with the “potato chip syndrome,” where they can’t stop at having just one.The greyhounds are usually retired racers who are put up for adoption after they’ve past their racing prime, but they may have 12 more years of life. Iowa has dog tracks in Council Bluffs and Dubuque. For more information on the dogs or the convention, consult: “”.