Chicago and tiny Waverly, in northeast Iowa, are the only cities in the Midwest to host this weekend’s premiere of a documentary film on possible signs of alien visits to cornfields. Strange circles and designs have been appearing occasionally in crops around the world. Some think they’re the distinct signs of space travelers. Others believe they’re just the product of pranksters. The documentary “Crop Circles: A Quest for Truth” will hit the Palace Theatre in Waverly on Saturday, where Bruce Stotser is the manager.The documentary is getting a big boost from the popularity of the recent blockbuster “Signs,” starring Mel Gibson, which deals with crop circles. The documentary’s director, William Gazecki, will be in Waverly for the Saturday showings. The theatre first opened in the late 1920s. Stotser bought it three years ago, gutted it, and fully rebuilt the movie house with all modern technology and sound. It seats 238 and he’s expecting a good-sized crowd for the Iowa premiere of “Crop Circles”. He says he’s gotten calls from people in Minneapolis who want to come to Waverly to see the show. Gazecki will be in Chicago Friday, and then travel to Waverly. Gazecki will provide an introduction to two showings in the historic downtown Waverly theatre along with a Q-and-A afterwards. Show times are 4:30 and 8 P-M Saturday only, though “Crop Circles” will be at the Palace all next week. For more information, go to “” or “”.