A new website has ideas for mining more money out of agricultural products. Bruce Babcock works at the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center at Iowa State University in Ames.He says it’s a joint project between I-S-U, the University of California and Kansas State University to provide one place where people can go to get information and ideas for value-added agriculture. Babcock says “value-added agriculture” means different things to different people.His definition is anything that takes a raw product and turns it into something other than the raw form to make more money from the product. Babcock says each of the three universities brought something to the website.They bring a national perspective with California’s crops, Kansas State has expertise on wheat and cattle, and Iowa State brings info on corn, beans and cattle. Babcock says website had loads of information that’ll be updated regularly.The website is free, as they received a large grant from the U-S-D-A to put it together. The website can be found at www.AgMRC.org.