Republicans say it’s time for Democrat Senator Tom Harkin himself to answer the questions surrounding the secret taping of a fundraising pitch made by Harkin’s Republican rival, Greg Ganske. Bill Armistead is Ganske’s campaign manager. Armistead says only Harkin knows what’s going on within his campaign, and only Harkin knows what he has directed his staff to do.Armistead says Harkin has engaged in campaign activities that are “not becoming a Senator.”Iowa Republican Party chairman Chuck Larson says Harkin campaign manager Jeff Link has “relentlessly lied” at several stages of the episode, and both Harkin and Link need to come clean. He asks, “What do they know, how high does it go?” Link says it can be easily resolved if Harkin would step forward.Larson says the man who secretly taped the Ganske meeting was not a “rogue” operating on his own.Larson says one of his own sources has told him the man, who Larson himself now identifies as Brian Conley of Des Moines, was directed to infiltrate the Ganske campaign. Larson says Conley was led to believe his work would be for internal campaign use only and wouldn’t be released to the media, which is indeed what happened.