Nebraska’s Governor has promised to buy Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack dinner in a restaurant in Iowa. That’s because Vilsack won a bet with the Nebraska Governor when Iowa State throttled Nebraska Saturday in Ames. Cyclone coach Dan McCarney asked Vilsack to speak privately to the entire Cyclone team last Monday afternoon. Vilsack says he told the team the Nebraska game was all about getting national respect for the Cyclone program. Vilsack says it was a great honor to be in the room with the young men and talk about the importance of the game. Vilsack has a personal connection to the team, as he coached Todd Miller, I-S-U’s punt returner, when Miller played ninth grade football in Mount Pleasant. Vilsack says having Iowa State and Iowa nationally ranked is focusing the nation’s attention on football here, and he says that’s good for the entire state. Vilsack says now that national pundits have begun to talk about Senecca Wallace as a Heisman Trophy candidate, Iowans should be talking up that, too. Vilsack learned the final score of the Iowa State/Nebraska game Saturday night during a fundraiser in Cedar Rapids. He told the crowd about his bet with the Governor of Nebraska and jokingly asked the crowd to start submitting the names of the best restaurant in town