The Republican candidate for Governor in Iowa says he’ll find ways to promote the state’s rural economy if he’s elected. He says many rural communities are struggling to strive because the ag industry’s been based on commodities. Gross says Iowa needs to lead the biotechnology revolution in agriculture that focuses on products, not commodities.G-O-P candidate Doug Gross says the state should do what it can to help foster businesses that process the raw commodities Iowa farmers raise. He promises to spend more money on plant research at Iowa State University, and Gross proposes a 10-million dollar state investment in a facility that would extracts protein from soybeans. Gross also wants to create an “Iowa brand” for food products. He says that will set Iowa up as the leader in food safety.Gross also proposes tax credits to businesses that invest in small towns. Gross says the ultimate goal is to make Iowa a state that produces products, rather than a state that produces raw commodities, like corn, soybeans, cattle and hogs.