Northwestern College has chosen a South Dakota contractor to build a planned new art center on the campus in Orange City. Spokesman Duane Beeson says the department’s just added a third faculty member and is set to become even more attractive to prospective students. He says it won’t be “your square building” but instead include things like an art gallery in the building’s entrance area, a rounded focal point of the building that echoes the shape of the theater building currently being built across the street. Beeson says the new art building’s design even incorporates that critical element for an artist, light. Clerestory windows alongside a raised part of the building will let in natural northern light, and the mix of fluorescent and incandescent light will be adjustable. A big money gift has made the building’s start possible, though we still don’t know whose name will be carved above the art building’s front door. The “naming gift” will be announced some time later and we’ll learn who the donor is, though right now they want to remain anonymous. The rest of the building’s one-point-88-million dollar cost is still being raised by Northwestern’s development office.