The U-S House has voted in favor of the resolution giving the president the power to launch an attack against Iraq. The two U-S Senate candidates spoke out on the resolution that’ll now go to the Senate. Senator Tom Harkin, a democrat, says the first resolution sent down from the President was a “blank check” and he didn’t support it. Harkin says he supports the what’s on the table now.He says he believes the President and the Congress should be focused like a laser on getting the strongest possible resolution through, and that’s why he’ll vote for the Levin or Lieberman resolution. Harkin says he wants to send a message to Iraq.He says he’s not voting for immediate war with Iraq, he says he’s voting to give the President and Secretary of State maximum leverage to persuade the U-N Security Council to promptly approve a new resolution requiring Iraq to give immediate, unconditional access to inspections. Harkin says there should be consequences if Iraq does not comply. Republican challenger, Congressman Greg Ganske, says he favors the resolution against Iraq.Ganske says Saddam Hussein has demonstrated a willingness to use weapons of mass destruction, and it’s time to require him to unequivocally follow all U-N resolutions, and if he doesn’t, force is authorized. Ganske, a plastic surgeon, used a medical analogy in talking about the risks of war with Iraq. He says when you vaccinate an entire population, there’s a small chance that a few individuals could be hurt, but he says you also prevent an epidemic and keep millions from being hurt.