Students in schools that are hooked to the Iowa Communications Network will be tuning in to a new style of learning this afternoon. The first show of what’s being called an educational musical tour opens at one P-M and will be broadcast statewide via the I-C-N from Allison-Bristow High School. Mark Ackerman is helping organize the show, which is the first of a four-month, 30-city tour.The assembly in the Butler County town highlights the Strato-cats Educational Music Tour, which features speakers like Air Force Sergeant Cheryl Stearns, who will try to break the world skydiving record next year. Ackerman says there’ll also be music performed by a band called Jett 17. He explains the goals of the show.The Strato-quest Foundation is dedicated to advancing education and careers in science, aerospace aviation, computers, math, reading, engineering and the military.