At least one Iowa pumpkin grower says the unpredictable, cool, wet weather hasn’t hurt the growth of potential jack-o’-lanterns. Donna Furleigh of Furleigh Farms in Clear Lake says this year’s crop is surprisingly good. Furleigh says she can hardly believe it after the terrible weather harmed a lot of other crops. Furleigh says there’s a good variety of the orange orbs to chose from. She says she recently weighed two that were over 65 pounds. Halloween is still about three weeks away, but Furleigh says it’s not too early to get a pumpkin. In fact, she says pumpkins can last well past Thanksgiving if you want. Furleigh says good pumpkins with no blemishes will keep all winter if you don’t carve them. She says they’ll go bad quicker if they’re inside where it’s warm.