Police in a north-central Iowa town say a man who told his son to run over an official with a combine is facing charges related to the incident. Virgil Fett and his 23-year-old son Billy have been charged with assaulting a peace officer, criminal mischief and interference with official acts. The trouble began on Friday, when the Fetts drove by a horse-drawn wagon. A local resident says the pair drove in such a way as to throw gravel on the horses intentionally. That person then reported the Fetts to the police for reckless driving. When Nora Springs Police Chief Alex Leu caught up with the pair, he soon encountered trouble. Virgil Fett ran into the police car with his minivan, causing minor damage. Leu says Virgil later told his son to run Leu over with the combine. Billy started the combine and drove it at Leu — nearly striking him and his squad car. Leu called for more assistance and the pair was arrested. They were released from Floyd County Jail on Saturday on their promise to appear in court.