A major drug case taking more than 18-million-dollars worth of drugs off the streets in north-central Iowa has come to a close. “Operation Trailer Hitch” was the third in a joint series of state and federal investigations and prosecutions in north-central Iowa. United States Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa Charles Larson says “Operation Trailer Hitch” lasted four years. Larson says it’s been a dangerous operation and the government confiscated 31 vehicles, seized more than $50-thousand in stolen property, forfeited over $100-thousand in cash, took 33 firearms out of the hands of the 21 federally-convicted defendants. Larson says citizens need to continue supporting the fight against illegal drugs. He says the problem continues and it’s puzzling why people continue to ruin their lives with meth. Assistant U-S Attorney C.J. Williams cited the story of 17-year-old Mingo Flores on how drugs and ruin lives.Williams says Flores was arrested when he was 17, was tried as an adult and sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison. Williams says it’s a classic example of how drugs can ruin lives). Williams says meth use needs to be brought to a stop. He says meth is a poison that impacts people of all ages. All three joint investigations have resulted in 67 convictions, the confiscation of 77 firearms, and the seizure of more than one-and-a-quarter million dollars. More than 13-thousand-500-dollars was presented back to local law enforcement agencies as part of the Federal Equitable Sharing Program.