The Elgin City Council failed to head off a potential walk out by the city’s volunteer firefighters at their meeting last night. The controversy started when councilwoman Jean Roach saw firefighters drinking beer after a training session. She notified the city’s insurance carrier, and the carrier said coverage would be dropped unless beer stored in the fire station’s refrigerator was removed. The beer was removed, but Chief Ron Hills and the 20 members of the volunteer fire department gave their two-weeks’ notice, unless Roach resigns by October 23rd. Roach has refused to resign. At last night’s meeting, the mayor said Roach should’ve brought the matter to the council before calling the insurance company. Roach’s attorney said she had the right to call the insurance company as she was acting as a concerned citizen. The city council will contact other area fire departments to contract for fire protection in case the mater isn’t resolved.