The State Racing and Gaming Commission today turned down a request from an anti-gambling group that asked the Commission to not renew the gambling license for the Bluffs Run Casino in Council Bluffs. Robert Miller of Muscatine is a spokesman for the “Truth About Gambling Foundation.”He says the transfer of Bluffs Run’s ownership and operation from the Iowa West Association to Harvey’s Casino Resorts was a violation of the state law requiring a casino’s license holder to be the true owner of the casino. Miller says casino operators created an elaborate process to try and get around the law.He says they set up a sale of the assets to Harvey’s and then leased the assets back Iowa West Racing Association. He says they then set up a management contract with Harvey’s, which is now known as Harah’s. Miller says they’ll ask the Racing and Gaming Commission to reconsider. He says they’ll appeal the decision, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll file a lawsuit. Miller says this is the only casino where such a sale has taken place.