Republican Congressman Jim Leach labels himself the “underdog” in his reelection campaign against Democrat Julie Thomas. Leach recently moved his residence from Davenport to Iowa City so he could run in Iowa’s Second Congressional district, which stretches from Cedar Rapids, down to Iowa City and into the southeast corner of Iowa. Leach says he may be the only Republican incumbent to be out-spent by a Democratic opponent. The reason: Leach does not accept contributions from political action committees. About 58 percent of the voters in the district are registered Democrats, and Leach says that’s a “significant challenge.” Leach, though, is a somewhat reluctant campaigner. Leach says he never suggests someone should vote for him — he says all he asks for is consideration. Leach is seeking his 14th term in Congress. He’s already served 26 years in the U.S. House. Leach made his comments on Iowa Public Television.