Despite unrest, uncertainty and acts of terrorism around the world, Iowans are still traveling abroad. Travel is reportedly the largest industry on earth and only one year in the past 40 years has there been a decline in travel. Travel agent Steve Glenn says right now is the best time to take a vacation. The most popular destinations this time of the year for Iowans is Las Vegas, Disney World and cruises. The travel industry is somewhat sensitive to global conditions, and Glenn says the terrorist attacks of 9-11 had only a temporary effect on travel.Glenn says financial considerations have perhaps the biggest effect on travel, as when the stock market goes down, people tend to not travel. Glenn says the bargains this time of the year are very enticing and people can make great travel deals. However, Glenn says if your travel plans include going anywhere around the holidays, you should make your reservations soon. Glenn says one of the fastest growing parts of the travel industry is the domestic motorcoach tours.