A Nebraska teenager has sold the story of her kidnapping to a supermarket tabloid after a multi-state crime rampage that began in northeast Iowa. Then-17-year-old Anne Sluti of Kearney, Nebraska, was abducted from the parking lot of a Kearney shopping mall in April of 2001. She was held six days by Anthony Wright, of Minneapolis, and was beaten, chained and sexually assaulted before she and Wright were tracked to a cabin in Montana and he was arrested. The kidnapping followed a cross-country chase that started with a shoot-out in Floyd County, Iowa. Wright’s since been sentenced to life in prison. Sluti has broken her silence now and sold her story to the National Enquirer for its October 22nd issue. She says the five-thousand dollars will help pay off a new laptop computer she bought before heading off to college this fall, in addition to paying her California agent who’s working on book and movie deals.