This is the season for electric heaters, candles and other items that can pose a fire hazard. A spokesman for the Iowa Insurance Division says those who rent apartments or homes should be sure they have coverage in the event of a fire. Scott Kinney says it’s important you don’t get caught with your coverage down.He says renters may believe the landlord’s policy will cover them in the event of damage to their property, but he says that’s not necessarily true. Kinney says your insurance situation may or may not be clearly evident.He says some leases say right on them that the renter is required to have renter’s insurance. If not, he says you should check with your landlord to see what their insurance covers. Kinney says most insurance companies offer reasonable rates on renters’ insurance.He says you can get good coverage for an inexpensive premium. He says the premium cost is minimal if you consider the cost of replacing your belongings without insurance in the event of some misfortune. Kinney says there are just a few exceptions to the renters’ rule.College students living in dorms are one example, as they’re often still covered by their parents homeowner policy, and don’t need extra coverage. Kinney says you should shop around and compare prices of renters’ insurance. If you have any questions, check out the division’s web site at: