The United States Senate is narrowly split in Democrats’ favor today, and the stakes are high for next Tuesday’s election. Senate Democrat Leader Tom Daschle attended two campaign rallies for Iowa Senator Tom Harkin on Monday, and remarked on the wild campaign season. Daschle says the question of whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate may be decided in a handful of states. One of those states is Minnesota, where Senator Paul Wellstone died last Friday and is likely to be replaced on the Democratic ticket by former Vice President Walter Mondale. He says the biggest challenge is to recognize the unique voice that Paul Wellstone made. Daschle is visiting Iowa and other key states in the days leading up to the election. Daschle says he’s “increasingly confident” Democrats will hold the majority based on what he’s hearing about the close races throughout the country. In the last public opinion poll released in Iowa, Democrat Senator Tom Harkin was leading Republican rival Greg Ganske by 17 percentage points. Daschle attended campus rallies at Iowa and Iowa State.