The major party candidates for Governor are criss-crossing the state in separate bus tours as they seek votes for next Tuesday’s election. During a stop in Mason City, Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Gross said if Iowans elect a Republican legislature and him, Iowa will be one step closer to having a death penalty. Gross says he supports a limited death penalty, such as in a double-homicide, killing a witness or killing a police officer. Gross isn’t predicting easy passage in the legislature, as not all Republicans support a death penalty, but he says the public supports it.Democrat Governor Tom Vilsack opposes capitol punishment, and says Iowa already has a ‘death penalty” for first degree murder. Vilsack says when an individual is convicted of a heinous crime in Iowa, they go to prison for life and never have another moment to “breathe free air.” Vilsack says Republicans trot out the issue every two years, right before an election, he says they bring it up to hide the fact they don’t have solutions to more difficult issues. Vilsack also made his comments during a stop in Mason City.