The house that was the scene of a grisly multiple murder in Sioux City has been sold. The bodies of Letcia Aguilar and her five children were found in the home on Labor Day weekend of 2001. Aguilar’s boyfriend Adam Moss pleaded guilty to killing the six, plus a friend of Aguilar’s at another house. The home was given to the Sioux City Neighborhood Network, an area volunteer group. The house was valued at 40-thousand dollars — but the group put it on the market at 25-thousand. Group chairman Rick Arnold says they accepted an offer of 22-thousand-500. He says with winter setting in, a slow real estate market, and a “stigmatized” property — they felt it was a good offer and closed the sale a week later. While some might want to tear down the house due to its past, Arnold says the new owner plans to use the home.He says they want to use it as a rental property and find a nice young family to move in. The Sioux City Neighborhood Network will use the profits from the sale to buy playground equipment for a park.