Turn-out is “surprisingly heavy” in many areas of the state according to election officials. Pottawattamie County Auditor Marilyn Jo Drake says turn-out in Council Bluffs and the surrounding area is “just booming.” Black Hawk County Auditor Grant Veeder says Waterloo-area turn-out is strong, though not record-setting. He says it is probably a little better than four years ago, but not anything like a Presidentdial election. Veeder says the snowy weather is a bit of factor, but not much, as it snowed earlier in the day and the roads are not slippery.Iowa’s most populous county is seeing lots of activity. Polk County Auditor Michael Mauro says there’s been a steady stream of voters and about 50-percent of the registered voters will likely turn out. Mauro attributes the strong turn-out to high-profile campaigns in the Senate, Governorship and a Congressional race in the county.Every County Auditor’s office will be hustling tonight to count absentee ballots, as well as the challenged ballots cast by voters who requested an absentee ballot but didn’t use it and went to the polls today.