Republican Congressman-elect Steve King, winner of western Iowa’s Congressional seat, says the two Republicans at the top of Tuesday’s ticket had too many “negatives” to overcome. King says he had a hard time getting western Iowa Republicans to vote for gubernatorial candidate Doug Gross and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Greg Ganske. King says the negative ads run by Democrats and Republicans in both campaigns turned people off.King is still a member of the Iowa Senate, and doesn’t yet know when he’ll resign so there can be a special election to select a new Senator for the district. King could have resigned earlier and let the election for his replacement be held this past Tuesday, King says there was a reason he didn’t resign. King says he didn’t resign because he didn’t want to send the message to voters that he was taking his election to Congress for granted. King promised action on several specific issues when he ran for the Legislature, such as changes in the workplace drug testing law, but in running for Congress King talked about broad issues and shied away from making specific promises. He says he’s cautious about ranking things in priority order, until he figures out the lay of the land in Washington. King will be in Washington, D-C from November 11th to the 22nd, and he says his wife’ll be along to look for real estate.