The Iowa Green party plans to seek changes in Iowa election laws. The Green party was listed on Iowa ballots this past Tuesday because their 2000 Presidential candidate got more than two percent of the vote in Iowa. Holly Hart, a spokeswoman for the Iowa Greens, says their 2002 state candidates did fairly well on Tuesday. The Greens’ gubernatorial candidate garnered one-point-four percent of the vote Tuesday, which Hart says is very good. But the party didn’t reach that two percent threshhold, so it won’t be listed on the ballot in 2004.Hart says she and other Green party activists will ask legislators whether it’s fair to deny them ballot access. Hart says there were Green party successes down the ballot.Hart says a Green candidate for the Johnson County Board of Supervisors pulled in just over 12 percent of the vote, and a Green party candidate for township trustee in Decorah may have won his race. Iowa Green party activists will meet on November 23rd to chart their party’s future.