A groundbreaking ceremony was held over the weekend for a war memorial being built in Council Bluffs. Memorial Co-Chairman Dick Petersen says the wall will contain the names of all veterans in Pottawattamie County who’ve died in combat in wars including: the Civil War, Spanish-American War, World Wars One and Two, Korea and Vietnam. The memorial will also include three statues. Petersen says two of the statues are of an older man and woman looking at the wall. Petersen says the woman is pointing at a name on the wall, perhaps a son. The other statue is of a young man looking at the wall, wondering what it would be like if he had to go to war. Petersen says the idea for the memorial started several years ago when veteran’s groups noticed that Pottawattamie County didn’t have very many war memorials. Petersen says they hope to have the memorial finished by the Fourth of July.