The Iowa Department of Transportation has put a hold on a policy requiring the drivers’ licenses of foreign nationals to include special red letter identification. The D-O-T’s director of driver services, Terry Dillinger, says the licenses had included the lettering “non-renewable documentation required” on their front in red letters.He says they implemented the change as a result of a new state law, and says they believed the lettering was within the law. The Iowa Civil Liberties Union challenged the move and Dillinger says they decided to stop the practice until they get a ruling on the issue from the Attorney General’s office. Dillinger says several thousand people have the licenses.He says there could be a couple of thousand, but he’s sure it’s over one thousand. Dillinger says they’ve offered to change the licenses until the issue is resolved.He says they sent the individuals a letter saying they can get a new license without the lettering at no cost. Dillinger says he’s not sure when there might be a ruling from the A-G on the issue.