The U.S. Small Business Administration offices in Iowa are looking for nominees for a variety of awards marking Iowa’s Small Business Week. S-B-A spokesman Dave Lentell says small business is big business in the Hawkeye State and it’s good to set the leaders aside.Lentell says small businesses are the engine that drives the Iowa economy. Small businesses make up about 98-percent of the 110-thousand businesses in Iowa. The S-B-A has offices in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids. He says there are a variety of awards for which the S-B-A is seeking nominations. Awards include: Women in Business Advocate of the Year, Minority Advocate, Veteran Advocate, Small Business Exporter of the Year and Small Businessperson of the Year. For more information, go to “” or call (515) 284-4522. Nominations must be received no later than December 6th.