A hearing planned this afternoon in Prairie City is among several this month designed to give Iowans a chance to speak out about the I-S-U Extension Service. Steve Padgitt, director of the Extension to Communities program, says the motive of the hearings is simple.Padgitt says the hearings are a chance to listen to the public and see what’s on their minds about trends the extension should address, what we need to improve on and what we’re doing well. Padgitt says Iowa is constantly changing and so are Iowans. He hopes the extension can continue changing as well to meet the needs of the state’s residents. Padgitt says the extension offers a variety of services to people in five primary areas: agriculture and natural resources, families, youth and 4-H, communities, and business and industry. There’s also a continuing education program. Padgitt says 21 extension staff members and regular citizens are sitting on the “listening” board which is making six stops statewide this month. Today’s hearing in Prairie City runs from 1-4 PM at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge learning center. Hearings will be conducted: Monday in Lewis, Tuesday in Iowa City, Wednesday in Des Moines and Thursday in Cherokee. Another hearing was held yesterday in New Hampton. For more information, call (515) 309-0140.