More than 440 Iowans never received their federal tax refund checks this year. Internal Revenue Service spokesman Eric Smith says it’s an annual ritual for the agency to try and locate the taxpayers who are due money back — but they’re no longer at the addresses listed on the returns.The checks belong to 441 Iowans and total more than 260-thousand dollars. They were returned to the I-R-S by the post office as undeliverable. Smith says some people might miss it if they didn’t get a check for a dollar, but others would certainly be noticeably absent.The range of checks in Iowa is from one-dollar to 11-thousand-500 dollars. The average check amount is 572-dollars. Smith says Iowans who are trying to remember if they received their check can find out the status relatively rapidly.Surf to “” and click on the “Where’s my refund?” link or call 800-829-1040.