If you plan on hosting the annual dinner, the turkey is probably on its wayinto the oven, if it’s not there already. David Werning in Iowa’sDepartment of Inspections and Appeals says this is the time to rememberproper sanitation and food-handling guidelines, so the dinner isn’t one toregret. He says the most important thing is to cook poultry to the righttemperature — 180 degrees for the bird, and at least 165 for stuffingcooked with the bird.He says it’s important when working to keep your kitchen work-surfacesclean, use different utensils and not cross-contaminate foods, by working ona salad, for example, with the same knife or cutting board you’ve used forthe turkey. Bringing the Jell-O or the yams? If you’re taking along a dishto the dinner, Werning says you should also remember your storage tips whenpacking and transporting dishes. He says there’s no particular food typethat’s guaranteed safe from food-borne illness, but you should be fine ifyou stick with the guidelines to keep cold foods cold, and hot foods hot.