Grandma’s pie probably isn’t made with lard crust any more, and we’ve added broccoli to a lot of American tables. But what will vegetarians eat for Thanksgiving? Andy Nelson runs a healthfood store in Ames and carries meatless substitutes for the big bird. She says they have one called the Great Un-Turkey Feast, or tofurkey, a tofu turkey substitite she says is good. Nelson’s a vegetarian herself, Nelson made one last year for her parents who are not vegetarians, and she says they were impressed. Nelson says most people, even many vegetarians, get twice as much protein as they need to stay healthy, so that’s not a concern in planning her holiday dinners. She thinks of what harvest foods are local and in-season, and plans meals to include “yummy things” like squash, apples and onions, and focuses on the color, texture and taste of the meal.