It’s already been said many times and many ways, but a University of Northern Iowa expert says credit cards pose a big danger this holiday season. Lois Lindell, the assistant director of the UNI Center for Ecomomic Education, says many people turn to plastic this time of year. She says it’s an easy way to satisfy some immediate wants, without thinking about the consequences of paying for them. Lindell says Americans now are getting credit card applications while they’re still in high school. She says the influx of credit cards is one of the reasons for a hug increase in bankruptices nationwide. She says plans in the works in Congress could help the problem. Lindell expects to see legislation to close some of the loopholes that make it easy to declare bankruptcy without a plan for repaying the debt. Lindell says we need more education on the issue for young people. Lindell and her colleagues are working on programs that teachers can use to connect the classroom to real world examples. She says financial literacy provides a lot of examples teachers can use. Lindell says the slowdown in the state and national economy may make people be less likely to build up big credit card bills. She says people will likely be more cautious this year.Lindell says hopefully the spending frenzy of the 90s is over and people will spend more responsibly this year.