The Iowa Environmental Council is calling on legislators to spend more on water quality and conservation programs, as a way to boost the state’s population. Due to state budget cuts, the variety of state environmental programs took a 33 percent hit, and Iowa Environmental Council executive director Elizabeth Horton-Plasket says legislators need to reverse that trend. Horton-Plasket says Iowa has the lowest spending per capita of any state in the nation on environmental programs.Horton-Plasket says “if we want people to choose Iowa as a place to live, work and play, conservation and water quality efforts must become higher priority and garner a more significant public committment.”.Horton-Plasket says if Iowa’s resources are being threatened and not being cleaned up, then businesses will be reluctant to move their operations and a significant number of employees to Iowa. Horton-Plasket says we have a wonderful life in Iowa, but need to improve on the quality of life — and that includes the environment — to attract and retain people.