While he’s toured Iowa in years past with his Irish rock band, U-2 singer Bono again trekked across the state Monday in a chartered bus — for a different cause. Bono appealed to an audience of 16-hundred in Iowa City last night to invest their time in pushing our leaders into helping whip AIDS in Africa. He says they don’t have drugs that’re taken for granted in the U.S. and Europe Bono represents the nonprofit group DATA, which stands for Debt, AIDS, Trade for Africa.Bono wants Iowans to help convince their lawmakers to divert government funds toward the AIDS crisis in Africa. He also wants the American government to forgive the debts of African nations so that money can be channeled to fighting the disease.Bono was joined on the tour by actress Ashley Judd, who told the University of Iowa audience they can help her change the world by helping Africa get anti-fighting drugs.She says we can get cold drinks to that part of Africa, so we should be able to get drugs there.Tonight, former L.A. Lakers star “Magic” Johnson will be speaking about AIDS awareness in Des Moines.