The U.S. Postal Service is trying to make the chore of sending holiday greeting cards a little easier for Iowans. Des Moines postmaster Tom Goodrich says there’s a new on-line service that enables Iowans to do it all electronically and very quickly over the Interned.Goodrich says Iowans can use the website to email in a greeting or a full letter along with the address list, then choose a card style and let the Postal Service do all the rest.Goodrich stresses — it’s not an e-card you receive on the computer, it’s a real card that recipients will get in the mail that’s personalized by you, via the website. He says you can even include a family picture or any other image to be printed on the card, or they have several hundred cards you can use. The prices vary — from about a dollar for a postcard to a few dollars for each full card, including the envelope and postage. For more details, surf to “”.