Governor Tom Vilsack announced today his inaugural in January will benefit the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents’ Association. Vilsack, who was adopted, says all proceeds from the event will go to IFAPA. He says the inaugural gives them the chance to put a spotlight on the issue of adoption and foster parenting. Vilsack says there are over 100 special needs children available for adoption each day in Iowa. He says this state has prided itself on its care for children, and he says all of us have been concerned about the rate of abuse in the state, and the way to help end abuse is to give kids a good home. Vilsack hopes the attention may make more people consider adoption. Vilsack hopes there’ll be several thousand dollars that’ll go to the organization, but he says this inauguration will be much different than the first coming off the excitement of his surprise victory.He says there was about 170-thousand dollars left over after the first inauguration, but he doesn’t expect that much this time around as the celebration will be toned down. The money for the inauguration is raised through tax-deductible donations and the sale of tickets to events.He says it’s sort of a moving target, but the goal is to raise enough money to fund the expenses of the event and to have 20 percent of the money raised left over for the charity. Vilsack says the specific details of the January 17th event will be released later.