Iowa College students with an interest in Japan have a chance to win a scholarship to study in Iowa’s Japanese sister state. Laura Zaper, of the Iowa Sister States organization, says the scholarship provides most of the cost for a man or woman to study at the Yamanashi Women’s Junior College in the Yamanashi Prefecture.She says the study involves a research project and representing Iowa to its sister state. Zaper says the person must be a citizen of Iowa and meet the age guidelines.You have to be between the ages of 20 and 39, have completed at least two years of college, and pass a Japanese language test. You can call the Sister States office at 515-242-4915 to apply. Zaper says this is the 12th year for the scholarship.She says the other candidates have had a great time in Japan and have been able to improve their Japanese speaking ability. The scholarship will cover the period from June 2003 to March 31 of 2004. The application deadline is January 24th of 2003.