A survey from Triple-A Motor Club of Iowa finds gasoline prices are doing something unusual — they’re going -down- for the December holidays. Triple-A spokeswoman Shannon Swanson says prices at the pumps statewide have dropped significantly since Thanksgiving.The statewide average is a dollar-30, down about 15-cents a gallon from mid-November. That’s still up a ways from last year at this time though, when prices were averaging a dollar-six per gallon. Swanson was asked if it’s a little strange for gas prices to drop right before a major holiday travel period. Demand usually increases during the holidays, decreasing supply and raising prices. She attributes the actions to uncertainty about Iraq. As 2002 winds to a close, Swanson was asked to predict what gas prices will do over the next two weeks.The nationwide average is a dollar-38 a gallon, about eight cents more than in Iowa.