An Oelwein man was arrested in Clayton County on drug charges after a stake out and high speed chase. It began when Clayton County authorities received a report of someone possibly making meth at the Holiday Shores Motel in McGregor. The motel management cooperate as police watched the room and observed 39-year-old Timothy Ladeburg and 21-year-old Tiffany Leonard of Randalia get into a car with license plates that belonged to a different vehicle. Police say they pursued the two over the Iowa-Wisconsin bridge and saw them throw marijuana and a substance believed to be meth out of the vehicle. Ladeburg then led police on a high-speed chase west on Highway 18 reaching speeds of up to 110 miles an hour. Ladeburg was forced to stop near Monona. He’s charged with eluding officers and possession of ingredients to make meth, along with multiple traffic violations. He’s being held on a 20-thousand dollar bond in the Clayton County jail. No charges have been filed against Leonard.