The days remaining in 2002 are few and an Iowa tax advisor says there are some smart ways to spend the rest of December that’ll help come April 15th. Clean out the garage and closets, clear out all of the stuff you never use and give it to someone who needs it through a charity. That’s the first advice from Des Moines C-P-A Jeff Strawhacker. Strawhacker says non-cash charitable contributions to Goodwill or the Salvation Army are deductible and can be a big benefit on your taxes next year — things like furniture, clothes and household items. He says year-end cash donations to charities can also be a tax advantage, along with deducting the interest paid on student loans. He also suggests making your January mortgage payment early to get the interest deduction this tax year. While many of us took hits on our investments during 2002, Strawhacker says to “harvest” those losses from your stock portfolio as tax deductions.